T-Rex Hosting & Design have teamed up with Themeforest to bring hundreds of premium WordPress and HTML themes to choose from for your custom website. Top Selling Entertainment Theme on the Web.

These WordPress entertainment themes are for you if you are a musician or run a restaurant, yoga studio, or spa.



WordPress Themes for Restaurant Owners

If you are a restaurant owner you can choose from Rosa, Linguini, White Rock, Lemonchili, and Limon. These themes are crafted with care to display your menu, address, online order forms, and hours of operation on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Because all these themes are responsive, your customers will not have to zoom in on any part of the website to get essential information – a common complaint most people have about restaurant websites.

Aesthetics and easy customization options have made Rosa the best-seller in WordPress entertainment themes. It comes packed with everything you will need to create a website your customers love and remember. Invest $75 to impress your audience and get concrete results for your business. Rosa comes with long-term after-sales support.

Limon for Restaurant Owners, Spas, and Yoga Studios

Limon is the theme of choice for budget-conscious restaurants, yoga studios, and spas. It’s less than $50 but features 18 different colors, 7 unique background patterns, jQuery Nivo slider, and a custom Facebook page design. With over 50 custom shortcodes and 11 layered PSDs, you can customize Limon easily.

WordPress Themes for Musicians and Music Bands

Whether you are looking for an online space to showcase your work, acquire new fans, or to meet like-minded aficionados for a music jam, a website can come handy. Here you will find affordable and feature-rich websites for musicians, music students, and music bands. You can install these websites with one click and get started right away.

Lush is a premium WordPress theme for jazz masters, punk rockers, soprano singers, piano players, band managers, and everyone professionally related to music.

There are a ton of things you can do with Lush:

  • Create a website to match your style
  • Add a 3D push menu to showcase your music
  • Establish an online store to sell your music
  • Manage music jams and live events
  • Upload impressive photo albums
  • Allow fans to listen to your music online

Explore Rosa, Limon, Lush and other premium WordPress themes for musicians and restaurants.

Why T-REX?

Three top reasons to buy top WordPress entertainment themes from us:

  1. Beauty + Performance. We think the choice between beauty and performance is an unfair one. We bundle them both in our themes.
  2. Future-proof. Our themes are created to accommodate most WordPress updates so you don’t have to shell out a ton of money every time WP releases a new version.
  3. Secure. The themes are created by experienced programmers with a view that eye candy and performance shouldn’t compromise security.

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